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There are 2 Levels of Volunteers:
LEVEL I:  Assisting in the classroom, with students, or a place where the teacher is supervising. Please click on the links below to access forms, and bring completed forms

Please complete the Volunteer Site  Forms below.
LEVEL II: Level II clearance allows volunteers to work with students out of sight of a Teacher.  If you have a superpower, and a teacher would like you to share it with students at Connect Academy without direct teacher supervision, you'll need Level II clearance.  Level II clearance is also required for coaches or programs like Science Olympiad and Math Olympiad.  You must have completed Level I clearance on file, including a valid TB clearance, before you can be considered for Level II. Please contact Connect Academy, for further information. 
  • Level II Form (Fingerprinting)
  • TB Test


Volunteering at Connect Academy is a great way to share your superpowers and help kids in your community. Hours can count towards community service requirements. If you are interested in volunteering and need help connecting with a teacher, please email Director Jill Halsey at [email protected] with your superpower and availability and place "Connect Academy Volunteer" in the subject. We look forward to working with you!