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Our Program

Our Vision
To offer families a future-focused and innovative option to empower world-class learners. 
Our Mission 
To inspire and support strengths and passions as a learning community while developing resilience, kindness, courage, empathy, and creativity through a flexible, digital learning experience.
Our Guiding Principles
We value a future-focused culture fueled by passion, inspiration, personalization, and inquiry. 

  • We work to build trust and understanding within our community.
  • We celebrate our various strengths, passions, and interests to ensure academic and social-emotional growth.
  • We strive for clear and inclusive communication.
  • We believe integrity is essential.
  • We know reflection is essential to learning.
  • We see digital tools as important resources for the learning process.
  • We seek to create partnerships and connections to share knowledge and extend our network with our community to explore career pathways and opportunities for life readiness. 
Learner Profile Traits
  • Relationship Driven: We build trust and can advocate for our strengths, passions, and interests while appreciating different perspectives.
  • Integrity: We seek to align our thinking, goals, and actions while taking our community and others into consideration.
  • Communicative: We have a range of tools and techniques to better understand ourselves and explore the perspectives of others.
  • Reflective: We think about what we learned, how we learned it, and how we might move forward in the future with our new skills.
  • Connected to the Community: We reflect on our learning and make connections to other content areas, challenges in our community, and possibilities for our future.
  • Technology Literate: We select the right technology for the task, using a variety of tools to identify problems and then create new, useful, and imaginative solutions.
  • Collaborative: We work collaboratively and actively expand our learning networks to share ideas and opinions and create products to demonstrate a shared understanding of learning.