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Connect Academy Frequently Asked Questions





Can my child transfer to Connect Academy mid-year?

Yes, pending seat availability, we can accommodate mid-year transfers.

How do I enroll my child at Connect Academy? What is the process?

Please complete this enrollment request. Next, a Connect Academy staff member will reach out to schedule a registration meeting in which a parent/guardian and student will review and sign the written agreement. We will provide the student with PUSD devices and curriculum. Connect Academy staff will work with the school of residence to facilitate the transfer to Connect Academy. This process can take 3-5 business days. Please note that if a student has an IEP, a FAPE meeting is required before the Connect Academy registration meeting and will be organized and hosted by the current attending school. 

Do I need to live within PUSD boundaries for my child to attend Connect Academy? 

Poway Unified School District Board Policy (PUSD) allows transfers within and outside the PUSD boundaries. The Application For the Inter-district Attendance Permit, San Diego County Office of Education Form 341, which is available at our Student Attendance and Discipline Office, is used to transfer from a district outside of PUSD into one of our school sites. Transferring from another district into PUSD should begin at the district office of the student’s residence. The district of residence needs to release the student before PUSD can accept the student into one of our school sites. You may find more information regarding this type of transfer in the “FAQ about Residency and Transfers.” 

What is Traditional Independent Study?

Independent study is an alternative learning pathway in which students earn attendance based on the combined time value of pupil work product and pupil participation in synchronous instruction. Connect Academy and independent study offer a high degree of flexibility and individualization, so it can serve a wide range of pupils. Independent study is not for all pupils as it requires basic academic skills, as well as a level of commitment, motivation, organizational skills, and self-direction to make satisfactory educational progress as required per EC sections 51747(g)(4) and 51749.5(a)(8). Click here to learn more about independent study 




Are the on-campus days optional?

Yes, the on-campus days are optional, although we highly recommend students attend! We love having the students on campus and believe it gives students a more well-rounded hybrid experience. During their time on campus, students participate in practical learning experiences, collaborative team-building exercises, and design thinking challenges. Attending during on-campus days enhances peer connections, develops social skills, and fosters independence.

While on campus, students often engage in hands-on learning activities, collaborative team-building activities, and design thinking challenges. Attending the on-campus days increases peer connections, independence, and social skills. 

What does a Connect Academy student's typical day look like?

Please click here to view our elementary and middle school schedule. 

What are the opportunities for social interaction?

Connect Academy offers numerous opportunities for students to engage both academically and socially. Take a look at some of the ways our students connect in person and synchronously:

Social-Emotional Learning Time (Connect Time) 
The first 30 minutes of each day, both in-person and on Zoom, is dedicated to social-emotional learning. During this time, students can participate in class discussions with their teacher and peers. It's a valuable opportunity for them to build connections and relationships. 

Collaborative Group Work: 
Throughout the day, students work in collaborative groups through Zoom breakout rooms. Students engage in teamwork activities and share their thoughts and ideas. This interactive learning approach encourages meaningful interactions and promotes a sense of community among students. While on campus, students engage in team-building activities and opportunities to problem-solve with partners. 

Curiosity Cabinets:
Curiosity Cabinets are multi-age groups formed based on student interests. These groups meet weekly, allowing students to socialize with peers outside of their class. With 3 cycles of Curiosity Cabinets, it is an excellent way for students to explore their passions and connect with others who share similar interests. Past Curiosity Cabinets include Cooking and Baking, Graphic Design, Chess, Art, and even Karate! Curiosity Cabinets are available both on Zoom and in person!

Mentorship Program with Tynker, a Comprehensive Coding Program:
Our mentorship program pairs older students with younger students to foster knowledge sharing and support. The focus of the mentorship revolves around coding, providing assistance, and creating a sense of responsibility and leadership. This program builds important skills and cultivates friendships among the Tynker buddies. Tynker Buddies occurs both on Zoom and in person!


On-Campus Activities:

When on campus, Connect Academy offers a wide range of hands-on activities, team-building exercises, and group assignments. These activities serve as a platform for students to interact socially and build relationships in a fun, engaging, and safe environment. Elementary students also have the opportunity to have lunch and recess with students from Park Village Elementary, allowing them to socialize with both their classmates and grade-equivalent peers. 




Do I have to notify the teacher if my student does not attend the on-campus days?

No, students do not have to RSVP for on-campus learning days. 

Does Connect Academy allow excused absences?

No, independent study does not allow for excused absences. Assignments are available on Canvas and must be completed within the current attendance window. 





Connect Academy currently serves students in grade Kindergarten - 8th grade. The elementary school portion of Connect Academy is being discontinued at the end of this academic year. The middle school portion (grades 6th - 8th) will continue and will be relocated to Design 39C campus. If you are a new family that is interested in the middle school Connect Academy program, complete the enrollment form.

What electives are offered for middle school students?

Currently, Connect Academy offers Exploring Technology, levels I, II, and III. All middle school students new to Connect Academy will start at level I. Exploring Technology topics include digital and graphic arts, design, photography, and video editing.

Can students participate in off-campus activities at their school of residence, such as band or orchestra?

Yes, the Independent Study Education Code states that “students participating in independent study are to have equality of rights and privileges with the pupils of the district or county office of education who choose to continue in the regular school program.”

Does Connect Academy offer field trips?

Yes! Connect Academy students have participated in field trips such as The Birch Aquarium, The San Diego Safari Park, Rancho Bernardo High School media studio, and middle school students attending the Disneyland Imagineering Campus.

What makes Connect Academy student-driven?

Connect Academy is dedicated to cultivating a future-focused culture that fosters passion, inspiration, personalization, and inquiry. We believe in building strong relationships with our students. We take the time to get to know their strengths, interests, and passions. By understanding what motivates them, we can create an environment that nurtures their growth and encourages them to explore their full potential.  

We provide numerous opportunities for students to explore their passions. We tailor the PUSD curriculum to incorporate learning opportunities that align with their interests. Additionally, we establish unique experiences such as Curiosity Cabinets, hydroponics, and Celebrations of Learning. These experiences allow students to delve deeper into their passions and develop a sense of purpose.