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How to Enroll?

New Student Enrollment

Connect Academy is a future-focused and innovative hybrid school that blends the best of on-campus schooling (such as hands-on labs, book clubs, science hikes, field trips, and more!) with live virtual instruction to offer students and families a flexible and supportive learning experience. Our independent study program values a community and relationship-driven culture fueled by students’ passion, inspiration, and personalization… best of all, it’s available closer to home! 



The elementary school portion of Connect Academy is being discontinued at the end of this academic school year. The middle school portion (grades 6th-8th) will continue and will be relocated to Design39C campus. If you are a new family that is interested in the middle school Connect Academy program, please click the "Enroll" button.


  •  If you want to learn more about Connect Academy:
  • Email your questions to [email protected]
  • Call us at 858-357-8455
  • Check out our social media pages on Instagram and Twitter!


Interested in enrolling for the 2024-25 school year? Please complete the enrollment request form here:

2024-25 Connect Academy Enrollment Request Form